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That gluten-free cookbook you need but can never find…

Nelly wink 3So I’m starting to think about planning my next gluten-free cookbook.

Planning is simultaneously exciting and terrifying – on the one hand the world’s your oyster, you can anything, there’s a fresh blank page in front of you…

On the other hand, there’s so much to choose from (How DO I choose, what  if I get it wrong, what if it’s just stupid?)… and there’s that fresh blank page glaring at me, defying me to make a start!

I had a couple of ideas about the direction I wanted to go, but nothing definite. At times like this I find it really useful to reach out and see what other people think. And who better to ask than my lovely friends on Facebook?

I put up a short post on Facebook; here’s what I asked:

Here’s a question for everyone – what’s the one gluten-free cookbook that you’ve always wanted or needed but could never find?

Was it for soup? For snacks? For vegetarian meals? Tell me about the ‘theme’ for your perfect gluten-free cookbook and what you’re looking for in it.

PS: Mine is for gluten-free bread – I love my bread, and I can never get enough of trying different types and flavors!

I got some fantastic feedback, but the most surprising thing was that, unbeknownst to the respondents (who don’t know each other), the majority said the same thing!

Here’s a selection:

  • “Mine would be authentic tasting healthy Chinese food, Mexican and Indian meals.”
  • Bread,tried all types of flours ,never got it quite right yet”
  • “I want a recipe that actually works and doesn’t contain obscure ingredients.”
  • “Simple packed lunch ideas.”
  • “For me I would like a nice white loaf like a farmhouse or bloomer type,and I find lunches hard so would be interested in ideas for that ,packed or at home something light ,thank you.”
  • “I tend to use wraps instead of sandwiches more interesting. Have at work used pitta bread filled with bacon, (precooked ) cheese and sliced tomato then toasted in a toaster bag. Just need some other ideas”
  • Bread,,”
  •  “Weaning a baby gluten free would be fantastic book for me”
  • “GF and Low carb, and fast and easy.”
  • “Could you please share your gluten free bread recipes, hopefully for a breadmaker as I have no breadmaking skills lol!”
  • bread, pasties, sausage rolls, pork pies, …ok now I’m hungry!”
  • bread pastries cakes and snacks”

Can you see a trend? I’ve got a good idea that my next cookbook is going to involve bread in some way 😉

The power of the collective unconscious always astounds me – when it speaks to you this clearly, there’s no point fighting it!


Nelly xxxooo

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