Gluten-free desserts are GO!

Nelly wink 3Make Me Gluten-Free -101 Desserts #Resized 545Hi everyone, I’m really proud to announce that I’ve just published my second gluten-free‪ recipe cookbook – it’s called Make Me Gluten-Free… 101 Desserts! You can find it here!

This was a labor of love for me – I have a real sweet tooth and desserts are something that lie really close to my heart (and my stomach) so writing this and testing all the recipes was a real joy 🙂

I tried to include something for everyone – if you like brownies, tick the box. If you like cookies or pies, check! If you like pancakes, muffins, cakes, ice cream, puddings or fudges, then I;ve got your back. Fresh fruit? Yup

Check out some of these suckers: Apple Prairie Pancakes; Route 66 Cookies, Kentucky Brownies, Salted Motown Fudge, and one of my absolute faves – West Texas Chocolate Cake (*drool*).

As with all of my MMGF cookbooks, the dessert edition includes simple yet comprehensive step-by-step instructions, cooking tips and clearly formatted easy-to-read recipes which will guide you through everything you need to know – there’s nothing worse than getting halfway through cooking a recipe to find you don’t understand the next step!

And because I love you all I’ve bundled in a copy of my MMGF… in 30 Minutes! cookbook as well – that’s 344 pages of cookbook and over 130 gluten-free recipes for only 99 cents!

I LOVE my new dessert cookbook and I hope you do too!

Nelly xxxooo

Make Me Gluten-Free… 101 Desserts!

Make Me Gluten-Free… 101 Desserts!

YOUR ESSENTIAL GUIDE TO CREATING MOUTH-WATERING GLUTEN-FREE DESSERTS IN NO TIME AT ALL! Would you like to whip up inspiring gluten-free pies, muffins, brownies and puddings without raising a sweat? Then you are going to LOVE this no-fuss stress-free gluten-free dessert cookbook! Includes simple step-by-step instructions, cooking tips and clearly-formatted easy-to-read recipes for 101 original and scrumptious gluten-free desserts in no time at all! BONUS: EXTRA COOKBOOK INSIDE! More info →