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Make Me Gluten-FreeHi everyone,

“A picture says a thousand words” – and if you check out the new covers of my Make Me Gluten-Free cookbooks, I think you’ll agree they have a lot to say!

If you have a copy of any of my books, take the time to download the revised versions – it’ll be worth your while. Not only do the cookbooks have a new look and feel, but I’ve also adjusted some recipe descriptions, fixed some typos and made some other changes based on reader feedback.

I’ve been hard at work recently testing recipes and writing some new cookbooks (more on those another day!) but I took some time out to look at your feedback on the Make Me Gluten-Free books we’ve already published on Amazon.

In a nutshell, readers love the recipes, but felt the covers could beMake Me Gluten-free 101 desserts better. Why? Well, in the words of reader Jan, “Cookbooks are all about food. I’ve really enjoyed the recipes I’ve tried of your so far, but to be honest this cover doesn’t do your book justice. Too much text, too little food. I want to see what I’ll be eating!”

Fair enough  🙂

I published the new covers yesterday and the feedback so far has been fantastic – tell me what you think!


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Make Me Gluten-Free… 101 Desserts!

Make Me Gluten-Free… 101 Desserts!

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